The last epistle of 2020

One last wordplay before the end of 2020.

There was an ingenuous rogue sat in the middle of the church that was built into the hollow in the cliff face – A naive knave sat in the nave in the cave.

The artist explained to me the reason why he always included an identical image in all of his paintings – He explained the motive for his motif motif.

When the cow was lying down it made a very deep noise – The cow made a low low low.

A friend of mine is a trader in storage rooms below houses – He’s a cellar seller.

It was December 30, and the 2 pieces of fruit, that were in love, went to the circus – It was the date of the date date.

Liverpool were playing football against Poultry City, and a huge goose sent one of the Liverpool strikers crashing to the ground – It was a fowl foul.

Happy New Year.

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