Time for a laugh

Time for some wordy fun.

It’s a while since I ventured into the world of homonyms and homophones, so here’s some pre-Christmas cheer. Enjoy.

In a nation ruled by a Prince, it is believed that the best people to be in charge of a school are over 50. It’s the PRINCIPALITY PRINCIPAL PRINCIPLE.

While I was in town today, I heard a busker singing a pleasant tune about Oxygen. It was an AIR AIR.

In the post today was a round advertisement. I received a CIRCULAR CIRCULAR.

Back in April, I found a coil of wire. A SPRING SPRING.

Speaking gently, I offered to pay for the coal carrying vehicle hauled by a steam locomotive. I gave a TENDER TENDER for the TENDER.

The music that the composer wrote was simply delightful. It really was a SWEET SUITE.

I pulled the toy car by attaching a rope to one of the appendages on my foot. I gave it a TOE TOW.

When I was in America I purchased an exceedingly cheap bottle of perfume, unfortunately it didn’t smell that good. What do you expect when you buy a CENT SCENT.

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