Just to confuse you all - episode 9 is a day early.

This week the weekend starts early!

I wrote a critique of the variety show. I wrote a REVIEW of the REVUE.

The lesson is to stay enthusiastic. The MORAL is, keep your MORALE high.

The nobleman went into the big tent. The MARQUIS entered the MARQUEE.

If you go seven days without food you will be lacking strength. If you starve for a WEEK you will feel WEAK.

When the bells rang I began to decorate. With the PEAL of bells I began to PEEL the wallpaper.

The man sent me a letter through the postal system. The MALE sent me some MAIL.

Here comes the big one.

The one you’ve been waiting for.

As a reward for showing my boldness, I received a badge made of iron. After showing my METTLE I received a METAL MEDAL.

Have a fabulous weekend.

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