Episode 8 to start the weekend

It's time for Wicked Weekend Wordplay!

He was very clever but also a very trusting and honest person. He was INGENIOUS and INGENUOUS.

His talent was to produce a bright flame. His FLAIR was a FLARE.

The first three men retreated but the next went forward. The first three went back but the FOURTH went FORTH.

The magician, who was very thin, performed the trick with great dexterity. The SLIGHT magician had great SLEIGHT of hand.

Every sailor has a belly button. All NAVAL personnel have a NAVEL.

The oxen in the harness liked to eat the yellow part of an egg. The oxen in the YOKE liked to eat the YOLK.

Now for this week’s highlight.

I touched the wool fabric while on the South African grassland. I FELT FELT on the VELDT.

Have a great weekend.


#weekend #fun

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