Weekend Wordplay - Episode 7

The weekend starts here

He was entitled to do the ritual and compose a letter about it. He had the RIGHT to perform the RITE and to WRITE about it.

I had an actual spool of tape, when I played it I did an authentic Scottish dance. I had a REAL REEL which made me do a REAL REEL.

The sky began brightening, then there was a sudden flash of light. The sky was LIGHTENING, then there was a flash of LIGHTNING.

I want to invent a new tool. I want to DEVISE a DEVICE.

I was in a meeting with the other directors, after three hours I began to lose interest. I was in the BOARD meeting and got BORED.

Dom is going to do an extraordinary act when he goes running, for Shared Lives, next week. Dom will perform a FEAT on his FEET.

Now the one you’ve been waiting for.

The big finish.

My friend left me in the middle of the Kalahari, but they got what they deserved when I threw a Banana Split at them. My friend DESERTed me in the DESERT, they got their just DESERTs when I threw a DESSERT at them.

Have an awesome weekend.

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