Time for another of these - Episode 6

Just what Fridays are for!

After every crime that was committed, he knew his sentence was going to get longer and longer. With every crime PERPETRATED his prison term was PERPETUATED.

I am a higher quality gambler than him. I am a BETTER BETTOR than him.

She had a baby in the cabin on the boat. She gave BIRTH in the BERTH.

I made an investment in meat. It was a STAKE in STEAK.

The carpenter used the wood to make something the conductor needed. He used BATTEN to make a BATON.

I put my foot on the grassland. I took a STEP on the STEPPE.

Now for the highlight of the week.

Are you ready for this.

I was on holiday in Lebanon. One day I met a lady who was wearing smart clothes who said that when I got sleepy I should lay on a bed made of rubber.

Wait for it.

I was in TYRE where I met a lady in smart ATTIRE who said that when I TIRE, I should lay on a bed made from A TYRE.

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