It's time for another one! - Episode 5

It's part 5 of wordplay

My friend and I saw the Aurora Borealis, I also took my pet. The TWO of us went TO Iceland for the Northern lights, my dog came TOO.

Did you like my song about Cling Film? What did you think of my RAP about WRAP?

One of my fellow students walked along the seaside structure. A PEER walked along the PIER.

I am reluctant to eat cabbage because it’s not something I like. I am LOATH to eat it because I LOATHE it.

My wife received some perfume through the post. Alison was SENT a bottle of SCENT.

You need to behave a certain way in the palatial residence. You need to act in a certain MANNER at the MANOR.

Now for the big finish.

Dressed as Robin Hood I walked along the verdant golf course while eating vegetables. I wore GREEN as I walked along the GREEN GREEN while I ate my GREENs.

Have a great weekend.

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