It's nearly the start of the weekend - Episode 4

It's Friday Fun Four!

I was writing a letter while my car was not moving. I was writing on STATIONERY while my car was STATIONARY.

There is a law stating you can’t carry guns in public. The ORDINANCE states that you cannot carry ORDNANCE in public.

He agreed with the diet, bar the part about eating fruit. He ACCEPTed the diet, EXCEPT the part about eating fruit.

A screw that was undone caused the armrest to fall off my wheelchair. A LOOSE screw made me LOSE my armrest.

Getting wed is fun. To MARRY makes you MERRY.

The evil man was holding a small container. The VILE man was holding a VIAL.

Now for the highlight of the week.

An eagle began to worship in his scary nest. A bird of PREY started to PRAY from his EERIE EYRIE.

More fun next week.

Have a great weekend.

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