Episode 16

Simple mistakes and Weird Wonderful Wordplay

PROOF READER/READING – I have come across this spelling on many occasions: on websites, in emails, in blogs, or in LinkedIn and Facebook posts. I can understand people spelling this as two words, but it is actually one PROOFREADER/READING.

CONSISTENCY – No, I don’t mean the spelling of the word! I have often come across documents and books where there are INCONSISTENCIES needing correction. Here are just a few:

– British English or American English.
– Time – 12 or 24 hour clock.
– Date – English or American format.

When you start using one format, be CONSISTENT.

WHEELCHAIR BOUND – I saw this phrase in one of the tabloids earlier this week, it isn’t a grammatical mistake, but it is not a phrase I like reading. Many of you have previously read that this term is not one I find accurate. The word BOUND implies something permanent: okay I need a wheelchair to get around, but I do not sit in my wheelchair all day long. I would prefer people to use WHEELCHAIR USER.

Here is this week’s wordplay delight.

When I was attending a school that was away from home, I had a friend whose house was half in Canada and half in the USA. He was a BORDER BOARDER.

Have an astounding weekend.

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