Wonderful Weird Wordplay

Episode 15 on this wet and windy day

Taking a break from my usual weekly missive – I would like to tell you about some of the simple mistakes I see on websites or in blogs.

A or AN – The basic rule is, if the first letter of the word following is or sounds like a vowel use AN. Likewise, for a consonant use A. Bear in mind that on occasion a vowel can sound like a consonant, and vice versa.

ABBREVIATION or ACRONYM – Both are where letters are used instead of words – but there is a subtle difference. An ABBREVIATION is where you spell out the letters of a phrase – Federal Bureau of Investigation as you pronounce it letter by letter F-B-I. An ACRONYM is where you say the letters as a word – National Aeronautics and Space Agency is pronounced as a word NASA.

EMIGRATED and IMMIGRATED – Two points on these. Firstly, I have seen EMIGRATED with two Ms and IMMIGRATED with one. Secondly, it is not correct to say he EMIGRATED TO …/IMMIGRATED FROM … – the correct way is he EMIGRATED FROM … TO …/IMMIGRATED TO … FROM …

I couldn’t let you go without one of the usual delectations.

A vote was held to decide if the flag was to fly from a metal or wooden stick. It was a POLE POLL.

Have an amazing weekend

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