Episode 14 on this lovely day.

Wonderful Weird Wordplay.

Returning to my schooldays and lessons in Trigonometry, do you all remember SOH CAH TOA? Taking the SOH part – a SINE SIGN.

As I tilted the container, the liquid oozed out of the out of the tiny hole on the side. It was a PORE POUR.

My dog enjoyed wagging the long thin protuberance that extended past the end of his body, so I wrote a story about it. The book title was A TAIL TALE.

When the glass fell out of the window frame, it fell against my arm and hurt me. It was a PANE PAIN.

Everyone who drank the beer began to feel ill. They called it AIL ALE.

A large tree with silver-grey bark grew on the yellow sand. That’s right, a BEACH BEECH.

The shop was selling large pieces of material to attach to the mast of a ship, at a discounted price. It was a SAIL SALE.

Have a great weekend.

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