Episode 13 is gong to be lucky for us all.

Wonderful Weird Wordplay.

The policeman walked up the deserted street; the sound of his footsteps was like the undulating and rhythmic echo of a tribal drum. It was a BEAT BEAT.

This morning I munched my way through five bowls of Corn Flakes, one after the other. I thought it was a SERIAL CEREAL.

The thief took a large piece of iron alloy. It was a STEEL STEAL.

When the fight was over we settled down and had a large slice of cake. Our PEACE PIECE.

I have only once needed to borrow money. That’s right, it was a LONE LOAN.

When I went to the stable this morning, I found the occupant had a sore-throat. My HOARSE HORSE.

After they left the army, the group of men became traveling performers. The TROOP became a TROUPE.

Have a great weekend.

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