Episode 11 is early - we should be back to a Friday next week.

Wordplay at its best.

When I was annoyed I took a glance at the top of the mountain. In a fit of PIQUE I took a PEEK at the PEAK.

There was a hole in the sink which I filled with an onion. I fixed the LEAK with a LEEK.

In the football match, the chicken kicked the goat. The FOWL committed a FOUL.

The lady pig was not able to plant the seed, as a result she decided to make clothes. The SOW couldn’t SOW, SO she began to SEW.

As I got more daring I started to climb bigger rocks. As I got BOLDER I started to climb larger BOULDERs.

In days gone by, as a game, the person who worked on the land enjoyed the waves on the seaside. In PAST TIMEs, as a PASTIME, the SERF liked the SURF.

Now for this week’s highlight.

The Rugby Union player consumed several mints at 9pm yesterday. The number EIGHT ATE EIGHT After EIGHTs, after EIGHT.

Have an awesome weekend.

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