Episode 10 of your Weekend Wordplay is a day early again.

I hope this takes your mind off BREXIT.

I wasn’t fond of taking the medication, as I often had a bad reaction to it. I was AVERSE to it as it had an ADVERSE effect.

I was lifted up and then taken down. I was RAISED then RAZED.

The seer told me I would make money from my business. A PROPHET told me I would PROFIT.

The two men had a fight with swords and pistols. The DUO had a DUAL DUEL.

My assistant cared for me when I cut my arm. My AIDE came to my AID.

I recommend that you take guidance when making decisions. I ADVISE you to take ADVICE.

The one you’ve been waiting for.

The alliterative homonym of the week.

The scoundrel had a sore on the back of his foot, which, in time, started to get better. The HEEL’s HEEL started to HEAL.

Whatever you do, enjoy.

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