Putting the record straight

Motability and blue badges

There are a couple of myths – used by various sources including the media – that relate to Motability vehicles and the Blue Badge scheme.

1. Motability vehicles

It has been said that people with disabilities get free cars through motability – this is not so.

Firstly, you must pay a deposit. Okay for some of the smaller cars available there is no deposit – but there are few of these and you are usually out of luck if you need an automatic with room for a wheelchair.

You then give up your PIP (Personal Independence Payment) for the length of the lease – usually three years.

There is also a mileage limit in the contract – so any excess mileage must be paid for.

So these vehicles are not free.

2. Blue Badge scheme

I read – in one of the Sunday newspaper’s – that Blue Badge holders get free parking. There are still a few places where this is true – but in the majority of car parks, we pay the same as everyone else. Okay we get wider parking spaces – but getting a wheelchair out of a vehicle needs a bit more room.

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