No Limits

Sherborne Road, Newton Abbot

No Limits is opposite the Short Stay car park in Sherborne Road, and is right by the Zebra Crossing.

The selection of food and drink is amazing, and you are guaranteed a warm welcome.

There is a ‘hearing loop’ at the counter.

Hospitality establishments are given a ‘Dave-ability’ score of between 1 and 3 for accessibility; 1 being the best. No Limits is the first eatery in Newton Abbot to get a 1 in all three categories.

Access from the street is level.

The counter is at an accessible height, there is even a lowered section if you need it.

The people who work here are quite happy to move any chairs if necessary.

The floor is very easy to push on.

Tables are at a great height. There are not many places I can get my legs under the table, as I can here this is a huge +.

There is a disabled toilet at the rear of the cafe.

For someone who walks around: 1

Wheelchair user with an enabler: 1

Wheelchair users only: 1

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