Leaflets through the door

Single page flyers need proofreading too.

We all get single page flyers advertising a new business, but a little care and the use of a proofreader can make a world of difference. I don’t think I’m the only one to do this, but when a flyer comes through the door I immediately get my proofreading head on.

My wife and I are thinking of getting a cleaner to come in to make things easier for us. Last week a flyer, for a local cleaner, came through the door. I thought this could be just what we want so I began to read. The hourly rate was good, the flyer was easy to read and well designed. Then I got to the last line You won’t be dissapointed, and at that point I was disappointed!! A little care makes a world of difference.

Was I right putting this straight in the recycling?

What our clients think about Devon Proofreading

he was organised, attentive to detail and spent time not only proofing the work but speaking to me directly about the process

Sarah Smith - The Dartmoor Artist

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