Friday Fun - Episode 2

A few more homonyms, just in time for the weekend

As I watched an episode of the SERIAL, I ate a bowl of CEREAL.

I began to feel CONFIDENT, as I now had a CONFIDANT to advise me.

I had to pay a FARE to get to the FAIR.

I was afraid of insects, so I had to FLEE from the FLEA.

I like ice-cream at the weekend, so I will have a SUNDAE on SUNDAY.

My friend and I both like poetry. She prefers Tennyson and I enjoy Wordsworth. When we meet it’s VERSES VERSUS VERSES.

Now wait for this one

My Dad ran a company that manufactured Oxygen, when he passed away he left it to me and a furry rabbit.

Are you ready for this

I was HEIR to the AIR, with the HARE covered in HAIR.

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