Episode 12 is back to its usual time.

Wordplay just for fun.

I gazed intensely at the long and winding set of steps. It was a STAIR STARE.

It was written that I would be King while the precipitation lasted. It was a RAIN REIGN.

I wandered through the labyrinth which was made of corn. That’s right, it was a MAIZE MAZE.

There was a secret area, in the middle of the forest, where I hid all my money. This was my CASH CACHE.

Before I went on holiday I needed to check the weight of my luggage, so I placed the suitcase on a set of scales. This was a WEIGH WAY.

Every time the contract was broken, I had a slice of fruit cake. It was my TORT TORTE.

Finally we have this offering.

This week it’s a headline for a manufacturer making graphite objects for writing.

2B, or not 2B, that is the pencil.

Enjoy your weekend.

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