JD Wetherspoon, The Richard Hopkins

Queen Street

Seating inside and out.

Very large inside, but can be very noisy. There is a light area, but be careful as there is a very large area that is quite dark which is not so easy to get around.

The ratings are based on a score of 1 to 3, where 1 is the best and 3 the worst.

Access from Queen Street is level through the door on the left of the building – in the picture. There is an entrance further along but this is up a ramp.

The order point is easy to access and is at an ideal height.

One part is quite light and easy to get around. There are some tables up a step. Most of the tables are in an area that is quite dark.

The floor is carpeted – so not the easiest to push on.

There are some tables at a good height.

There is a wheelchair accessible toilet located at the rear. This can be opened with a RADAR key – behind the bar.

For someone who walks around: 1

Wheelchair user with an enabler: 1.5. A 1 for the light parts, a 2 for the darker parts.

Wheelchair users only: 1.5. A 1 for the light parts, a 2 for the darker parts.

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