LiAise Bistro

Market Walk, upstairs

To get to the LiAise Bistro, use the lifts by Wilkinson’s and turn left. Then walk to the end.

I don’t normally mention the service or menu, but in this case I think it is needed. The service was slow and don’t think that you are always going to get what you ordered.

The ratings are based on a score of 1 to 3, where 1 is the best and 3 the worst.

Access is level if you follow the above instructions.

They come to your table for the order.

The tables are quite close together so moving around them in a wheelchair could be a problem. The chairs are quite heavy to move.

The floor is tiled – so easy to push on.

Tables are at a good height.

The nearest disabled toilet is downstairs in the bus station.

For someone who walks around: 1

Wheelchair user with an enabler: 1.5

Wheelchair users only: 2

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