Coffee #1

Courtenay Street

One of my favourites when I’m meeting friends or arranging meetings.

Most people wait at the ordering point to get their drinks – but I have never had a problem getting them to carry them to my table.

There is seating inside and out.

The ratings are based on a score of 1 to 3, where 1 is the best and 3 the worst.

People quite often refer to this place as ‘Coffee Hashtag 1’ – being a proofreader I prefer the correct name for the symbol so to me it is ‘Coffee Octothorp 1’.

A slight slope from the pavement to the door, but this shouldn’t cause any problems.

The order point is near the door – it’s height is a slight problem.

There is plenty of room to access the order point – but it is quite ‘cosy’ to get around some of the seating area.

The floor is tiled – so easy to push on.

All the tables are different heights and sizes.

The toilet is at the very back of the cafe. Go through the doorway signed ‘seating upstairs’, then you will see the toilet on your left.

For someone who walks around: 1

Wheelchair user with an enabler: 1.

Wheelchair users only: 1

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